Thanks, Milo

Astros Hall of Fame radio play-by-play voice Milo Hamilton, who announced in February the 2012 season would be his last in a full-time role, will announce his final game at Minute Maid Park on Wednesday’s home finale against the Cardinals.

Hamilton, 85, has been in broadcast 67 years, including more than 50 in the Major Leagues with stops in St. Louis, Chicago, Atlanta, Pittsburgh and Houston. He’s been with the Astros since 1985 and plans to remain active in the community even if he’s not at the ballpark daily.

Hamilton, who has been calling primarily home games since 2006 and gave up television earlier in his Astros career, still plans to make occasional guest on-air and public appearances, as well as emceeing baseball events around Houston. He wants to broadcast the team’s series next year at Detroit’s Comerica Park, which would be his 60th ballpark from which to call a game.

The Astros will also honor Hamilton at the Blue Star Gala, which will be held on the field at Minute Maid Park on Oct. 16. The night will be a gathering of many former Major League players, including baseball legend and Hall of Famer Hank Aaron, whose record-breaking 715th home run was called by Hamilton in 1974.

The club invites fans to share memories and thanks in the comments below.


Holy Toledo! Thanks for the wonderul and indelible memories you’ve given us. Best wishes on your new path in life!

Holy Toledo! You should have retired 30 years ago! Thank god it has finally happened! Better late than never.

I want to thank Milo from the depths of my being. I needed a new matress, and I wasn’t sure where to buy it. But thanks to his in-game commentary being at least 50% product placement, I realized that Gallery Furniture was the best option. If you buy it today, you get it today, Holy Toledo!
Good riddence you old fool. You’re the reason I listened to the opposing team feed on my MLB at-bat app.

You did a wonderful job Milo. We will miss you!

u got that right ive allways loved listenin 2 him call a game;;

Thank you, Milo for 67 years of baseball, 28 in Houston. May God Richly Bless You in your retirement.

It has been a “Blue Star”; “Holy Toledoe” time. Thanks for your support of the Astros, astros’ community services and all the other time devoted to the community.

Dear Milo:

Around 15(!) years ago, I created one of the first Astros “fan sites” — there was actually a link to it on the old (circa 1997) Astros website. One night, as my mother and I were listening to an Astros game on the Internet (we live in Mississippi, so unfortunately, we didn’t get the games on TV), you gave me a “shout out” over the air and talked a little about my website. I will never forget that day – you did a world of good for this awkward teenager. I got to meet you a year or so later and had my photo taken with you. Thanks so much for the great memories – your enthusiasm and cheerfulness has inspired many an Astros fan, including myself.

We’ll miss you!

Amelia McGowan,
Vicksburg, Mississippi

Thank you for all of the great memories Milo. My earliest memories are listening to you calling the Astros games, turning the radio back on after mom turned it off because she thought I was asleep. And I will never forget turning off the TV and listening to you declare for the first time, the Astros are going to the World Series! Thank you for helping instill the love of Baseball that I have and I wish you the best. Holey Toledoe, what a career!
Life long Milo and Astros fan,

It is amazing how many people can’t spell Toledo.

WHOAAAHOAA! Thanks for creating such awesome memories listening to you while in the truck with my dad as a youngster.

Milo, Thank You for all the great games I listened to you broadcast before I had satellite television. Being an Astros fan in upstate N.Y. all I could do was listen to you on the radio over the computer. Thank you for bringing the games to life for me.

Thanks Milo for all the “Blue Star” years with the Astros and before. I listened to your call of the Hank Aaron record-breaking home run in Atlanta (and it’s still the “real” record as far as I’m concerned!). I’ve listened to Astros radio since 1962 when they came into the league. Listening to Gene Elston, Loel Passé and, eventually, you so vividly create the “mind pictures” of the game action is indelibly etched into my 65 year old brain!!!
Awesome job…enjoy your retirement!!!

Milo, I grew up listening to you in Victoria, Texas. Because of you and your excitement of doing Astros games, I followed my dream of being a radio broadcaster. You’re going to be missed greatly. There will never be another one like you. Brett and Dave have some HUGE shoes to fill.

HOLY TOLEDO! It’s been amazing listening to you since 1986. Enjoy retirement!

I was born & raised in Houston, never living anywhere else until I left for college out of state in August 1999. I’ve been out of state ever since, and I still miss Houston now as I did then, but listening online to the Astros radio broadcasts with Milo has been my continuing connection to childhood and home. “Holy Toledo,” “hotter than a depot stove,” “blue star play,” and many other Milo-isms are a permanent part of my vocabulary. Milo’s bobblehead sits on my desk at work as a reminder of a great many fond memories.

Milo, it’s been a wonderful ride, and you will be truly and deeply missed. Let’s go get ’em, Astros, one more time!

Hello Milo! My name is Rick Godfrey and I sending this to you let you know about a conversation I had with your guy,Craig Biggio.I was working one night at St.Thomas High as their P.A.Announcer,and Biggio walked up and I introduced myself ,and he did as well.We started talking about baseball @ St. Thomas and he said he might let me do a few Eagle baseball games.Then,he paused and said,”let me see if Milo is going to be available first and I’ll let you know”.He and I never talked about it again.You’re the best I ever heard! (and apparently best he heard ,too!)

Rick Godfrey

Milo, I’ve enjoyed every minute of your work and passion for the Astros over the years. You set the standard. Pretty simple. I remember covering games back in the 1980s and chatting with your wife at the Dome. Great times. Best of luck~

Milo you have been my hero and inspiration for so many years. Because of you, I am trying my hardest to pursue a career in sport broadcasting/journalism and have hopes of one day being a voice of the Houston Astros just like you. Home radio won’t be the same, but my CD of some of your most memorable calls with the Astros will always continue to play in my car! Thanks for giving me an example to look up to and a dream to pursue!
Megan Haas

I grew up listening to you call games on the radio. My dad would always hand water the lawn at night with a portable radio outside with the Astros broadcast, and many nights I would sit out with him to “help” and listen. Your voice was a constant in my childhood. I moved away for college, and farther away for grad school, but thanks to the wonder of the Internet I was still able to listen to you call games. There are few sounds that are more comforting to me than an Astros radio broadcast. Thanks so much for the last twenty+ years, and you will be missed.

Milo, As a young boy growing up in Charlotte, NC I would hurry and eat each night so that i could sit down and listen to you and the call of the Braves games on radio. I even started keeping score along with you. i will never forget hearing and watching on NBC your call of Hank’s 714 homerun. Still gives me chillis. Those are true memories that i will never forget and I feel what gave me such a love for the game of baseball.
Thank you for all that you have done and all the great memories.

Thank you for all the wonderful memories, events you EMCEE’d and everything you have done for our community. You will forever be remembered as the voice of the Astros & can never be replaced. Good luck and best wishes!

Thanks Milo for all the great memories and great descriptions for all the years yu uhave been with us. Best wishes during your retirement.

Thanks for all your great calls over the years Milo. You turned a Floridian into an Astros fans.

The radio side will never be the same without you Milo. I have heard a lot of famous calls and more from many teams you have been the voice of but you gave a great many years here to the Astros.

I give a “BLUE STAR” to you Milo and say this isn’t the end but only the beginning but still hope we see or hear you from time to time even if just to say Hello to us Fans as we enter a new era as well with the American League.

Milo Hamilton-your without a doubt the Greates broadcaster I have everheardi my 31 years of iife.I hve been an Astros fan for 26 year,all during which you hve been th announcer. I wanted to be the same thing because of you.I was able to meetyat the celebrety golf classic back in 2000.I still ave that baseball yu signed nd the picture you posed in with me.People ask me if I think dreams come true,and I would have to say,” HOLY TOLEDO-YES THE DO!”

Milo, I’ve loved listening to you call the Astros since I was little. You’re the best broadcaster I’ve ever listened to – you will be missed!

Milo, when I returned home from my first year of college in 1987 you took time out of your schedule to meet with me at the Astrodome to talk about my interest in baseball broadcasting. You also introduced me to the PR staff and I got to work a 3 game series sitting in the press box. It was a great experience. Although I never pursued a career in broadcasting, I’ll never forget the generosity and class you showed in taking time to meet with a 19 year old kid. Thank you for all your years with the Astros. It won’t be the same not hearing your voice broadcasting Astros games as I work in the yard or drive around town.

Congrats on your retirement Milo. I’ve heard you in many places as I traveled around the country, almost as many stops as you. Thanks for all of the years of your love of the game and the love of those communities lucky to hear you calls. God Bless.

As a kid growing up in North Carolina I was a big Braves fan and enjoyed listening to you and Ernie Johnson annouce the Braves games through good times and bad. Thanks for the memories, and the many years of pleasure you’ve given to me and thousands of others through the years.

Thanks, Milo. You made my childhood special and made me an Astros fan for life. Good luck in retirement!

Congratulations on an amazing career. You’ve done it all and in a professional, informative and entertianing way. I’m so grateful that I’ve got to know you over the past few years. Thanks so much for all you’ve done for Houston, the Astros, baseball in general and especially for Houston charities! YOU ARE ONE CLASS ACT!

I am going to miss hearing Milo on the radio when I visit Houston. Even in the ladies room at Minute Maid Park. 😀

A gentleman and a baseball scholar. Happy, happy trails Milo.

Awesome man! Awesome announcer! Happy retirement!

Thanks Milo for all the good memories.. it wont be a game without you calling it…good luck in your future endeavors and I look forward to you guest calling next year,,,

In my opinion the greatest voice in baseball history, Milo you will be missed. Every year you are in people’s homes and cars telling a great perspective of the game that no one else could do. I have listen to your broadcast since I was 8 and have enjoyed hearing every inning. Milo enjoy retirement and please do not shy away from the radio.

From Greenville, S.C., by way of Sylvania, Ala.–thank you on behalf of my parents, brother and myself, Milo! We left Houston in ’74 but have always stayed faithful to our Astros.

Thank you sir!!!!

Holy Toledo ASTROS WIN ASTROS WIN!!!!!Thanks for all the Memories Milo, Love you take care my friend. Milo Hamilton will always be “THE VOICE of THE ASTROS FOREVER” Love you take care jeff g frm sweeny,tx

I moved to Houston in ’92, already a long-time baseball fan but of the Atlanta Braves due to growing up in NC. Within two years I had completely switched my loyalty to the Stros. A big part of that was the time I spent listening to so many games on the radio while studying for grad school. To me, Milo, you were the Astros. Despite moving to the Washington, DC area 13 years ago, I have stayed a fan and have continued to enjoy your calls through the wonders of the Internet and I will miss hearing your voice and look forward to those occasional times when we get to hear it again in coming years. Like tonight, I will gladly turn down the MLB.TV sound and sit back, close my eyes, and let you paint the picture once again. As you said in your closing remarks tonight, Vin Scully is a doggone good broadcaster, but Milo, you give him a run for the money. Thanks for bringing baseball into my home for so many years. Best wishes and good health to you. Congratulations on a wonderful, Hall of Fame career! Astros win! Astros win again!

Milo…As Hope said, Thanks for the memories. I grew up in a generation that loved and respected BB on the radio. Spent many a night with my departed father outside listening while the game was on TV inside. Enjoy that retirement and lets hope and pray our Stros win the WS before we go to that park in the sky with real grass and no DHs!!!

Thank you, Milo, for bringing the Astros games to life on the radio. I have enjoyed your enthusiasm and excitement sometimes more than being at the game. I look forward to seeing you enjoying the games as a fan.

Anybody that works in a profession 62 years deserves to be recognized for their work. But Milo Hamilton did more than make himself a Hall of Famer. He inspired a man named Ted Turner to do something positive with a franchise that was about to move from Atlanta in 1975. Milo said, on the air, “It’s time somebody said something positive about this ballclub. And it’s time somebody supported it.” He and the Braves mutually agreed to part ways after the season. A lot of Atlanta fans thought he had too much of an ego, but for my money, listening as a child on the old Braves TV network, I never heard or saw that ego at all. To me, he was every bit the gentleman Ernie Johnson was, and when I would hear him on radio in Pittsburgh when he broadcast a Pirates-Braves game in the late ’70’s, he was always gracious to the Braves on air, as he was during the all-too-brief time on WGN-TV with the Cubs. You knew he was rooting for the team he worked for, but he never disrespected the Braves at a time when, as he once told an interviewer, “people could smell ’em all the way to Chattanooga!” It has been said, it took moving to the Southwest to give him the esteem he deserved. I can tell you without hesitation that he deserves a lot more respect from fans who heard him in Atlanta who would have had to wait five or six years to get another team had the Braves left the Southeast in 1975. I am hopeful that the Braves organization will right the last wrong, and induct Milo Hamilton into the Braves Hall of Fame. Without his presence those first ten years, baseball in the Southeast would have been a lot different. Thank you, Milo, for what you did while you were in Atlanta, and God Bless you as you enjoy your semi-retirement!

Milo, I remember your call of Hank Aaron’s 715th HR in 1974 the most. You have done a remarkable career in broadcasting unlike any other–5 teams, 11 no-hitters, a World Series championship run, 59 different stadiums, and many more. The enthusiasm you displayed on a daily basis gave many baseball fans a reason to turn on the radio for all those years. May God richly bless you as you step forward in the future.


Thanks Milo, as a member of the Military, I got to listen to Astro baseball on the computer, and now stationed in North Carolina I listen to you call the games. It will never be the same without you behind the mic. Congrlations on your retirement. I look foward to hearing you when you return for a reunion.

Holy Toldeo!
Thank you for inspiring me to become a radio broadcaster. I didn’t listen to you often but when I did, I knew who I wanted to emulate as a sports radio broadcaster. You are an inspiration to me! Thank you for making Astros baseball so much fun to listen to over the years. Even with all the struggles, you still brought enthusiasm and shared that excitement with the fans tuning in. Listening to Astros games will never be the same! What a great career and best wishes to you in your retirement!


It was way past time for him to retire!

Thank you, Milo. Thank you so much for retiring so that we don’t have to listen to your self-serving crap anymore. And the way Isee it, you also owe me $20 because I bought your book, Making Airwaves. The singularly most egotistical waste of wood pulp I have ever read.

you’re an idiot

You’re smart.


You r sooo wrong!

Then turn off your radios and watch tvs instead, morons!

Thank you so much Milo. Thank you for 28 great years In Houston. Thank you for all you have done for our beloved Astros, and the community as well. I had the privilege of meeting you several times at the Astros fanfests in 2004, 2005, and 2006 with my father. You were a treat to meet, and that is a fond memory me and my father will share the rest of our days. I’ll miss tuning into 740 KTRH at home and on the road to listen to you call games as only you could. Thank you for staying so upbeat in a rather bleak era of Houston baseball. It’s sad to see you go, because it is as if the final great sunset is setting in Houston. I know to me, and many Astros fans, you mean as much to us as even Bige, and Baggs. I cant thank you enough for 28 great years. Enjoy your retirement Milo! Houston will always love you!

This guy was one of the most overrated broadcasters in history. Between his bizarre use of tenses and his vindictive inability to accept the fact that Harry Caray was a better announcer, I could never figure out why he had a job.

Here here.

Thanks for the memories and all the fine work you have done both inside and outside the broadcast booth over these many years.

Thanks for making my childhood memorable Milo you were my hero growing up and even after moving to Minnesota I would tune in to Astros home games because of you!

Whether you loved him or hated him, he will go down as one of a kind. Good luck in retirement Milo. You will always be in my memories.

How is he different than any other old windbag?

Milo, I listened to you and Bob Elson doing White Sox games when I was a kid in Alexandria, Louisiana. I would sit out under the tree in the yard because anywhere else it was hoter than a depot stove. I remember you or Bob saying Jim Landis is on his horse. Why we got the Sox games I don’t know. I was thrilled when you came to the Astros. Now I’m sad that you are retiring but you deserve it. I bought your book awhile back and you signed it for me at spring training. I will always cherish it. Thanks for the memories Milo.

Milo…you’re the ultimate gentleman sports announcer with the golden velvet voice matched by none other. I wish you well…thanks for the memories! I consider you a friend. I wish I could attend your dinner reception but Ill be in London that week with the TX Bench & Bar group !! I send you a toast & hugs from afar. Take’ll be missed …hope you come back often

Thanks Milo. God bless.

You are a class act and we will all miss you, Milo

Speak for yourself. I’m glad he’ll be gone.

Milo, I became an MLB and Astros fan by listening to you on the radio in the late 80’s as a teenager in Central Texas. I am now in California but remain an Astros fan — and will always be a Milo fan as well. Thank you for all the memories!

Milo. Here’s wishing you the best from a Braves fan in North Carolina who grew up listening to you and Ernie Johnson at night on the transistor radio. Your voice will not be forgotten.

1984 or 1985. DeWayne Staats leaves. Milo replaces him. I got tired of Milo’s weak “schtick” very quickly.

He was annoying. The last 5 years especially so.

Milo, you have been joy to listen to all these years!
Thanks for the memories and best of luck on your retirement.

Listening online won’t be the same, but at least it sounds like you are still going to make trips to Orlando and broadcast from the ESPN Club for Astroline Radio… can’t wait for spring training!

I hope this is some sort of twisted joke. We have to continue to listen to that old fossil on astroline?! Geez!

Milo is still going to do Astroline? Good grief. It has been repulsive listening to him hit on Alyson Footer on Astroline for the last few years.

Thank you for retiring. Its way past time.

Thank you Brad…..people need to have a little respect. I don’t all these negative people doing anything remotely close to baseball that Milo did. Yes..he might be a relic…but he is indeed a FANTASTIC one. At least he made the game exciting which is more than I can say for the broadcasters that they have or had on the TV broadcasts. They were just full of stats…how boring is that. THANKS MILO FOR ALL THE LAUGHS. WE LOVE YOU AND WILL MISS YOU.

Yeah shoot, I hate when the TV announcers talk about the game, and the players, and the stats. UGH! Why doesn’t someone tell me where I can buy a sofa already!!

You fans should put only positive comments about Milo on this site.Shame on you who lack the respect &class to appreciate his contribution to baseball announcing for decades!!! He is indeed unique & I’ll give you the credit of not knowing any better.

Just because someone is proud of a giant turd they dropped, doesn’t mean I have to pat them on the back and tell them “great job”. And Milo’s announcing has been the biggest turd that I’ve ever seen someone be so proud of. Let’s put a blue star on this routine double play! Pssh.

Mr. Hamilton, I enjoyed listening to you broadcast my beloved Astros throughout the years, May the Good Lord continue to bless you richly as you have us. Look forward to hearing from you.

Milo…I still remember you with the White Sox as the radio partner of “The Commander”, Bob Elson. And your battles later with Harry Caray at the Cubs are legendary. Good luck to ya!

Milo, you were there through the good times and also through the bad times. The only thing I enjoyed during the past twos seasons was you. Good luck and may God Bless.

Milo, such unadulterated joy you’ve brought to my life and to the lives of so many through the years! It didn’t matter if the Astros were lousy or fantastic — you brought them to life on our radios and on our TVs and in our hearts. Thank you for your generous spirit. I wish you every happiness. Blessings to you. Gratefully, Stu

Thank you Milo for FINALLY retiring…. four years ago would have been better, you could have gone out as one of the best, yet, you stayed too long and ended up sounding like carnival barker … it’s a shame, because at one time you were great.

Can we finally take this blog down.. it’s been around longer than Milo…..

I used to record the play by play recaps , and repeat them as if i was the great Milo himself. i used to dream of one day being the voice of the Astros cause of the enthusiasm you would speak with. My dad is the reason i even started tuning in in 86 at the age of 11. I always remember my father when i listened to you call the games, so believe me when i say, i will deeply miss you on the radio. God bless you.

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Thank you, Milo for being able to call these games for as long as you have been! It’s been a real pleasure to be able to listen to you every day throughout the season!

I grew up listening to you and Alan Ashby on the radio and could only watch games that showed up on regular tv. Some of my greatest memories were walking around my house with the ball game playing in every room and pacing nervously as you called close games. You definitely left a mark on me as a young fan that I hope to pass on to my own kids.

(Just saw this thread.) I may not always have been your biggest fan, Milo, but two high positives occur: 1) Just heard a charity announcement you’ve recently recorded, and you sound the same as 40+ years ago. It’s simply incredible how your voice has aged (or not!). 2) I heard three former ‘Stros break in with you on-air — Dierker, Ashby and DeShaies. Predictably, none of them were very good while breaking into the business in big-league conditions. All improved amazingly while working with you and I have to believe you had something to do with that.

Hats off to you Milo. I loved it when you did TV and Radio Broadcast for the same games! You are one of a kind!

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